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Swift and Object Oriented Programming Resources – I’ll help you become an iOS developer

Being a mobile developer is not easy. But it’s definitely very rewarding. Especially when having the feeling that you created your own app, start to finish, and it’s going to be part of so many people’s lives. Habits apps, productivity apps, recipe apps, health monitoring, games, music and social media apps. You could be the person providing one of them as well!

If you want to become an iOS developer and start learning Swift, you should know that having the basics of Object Oriented Programming helps a lot as well.

So if you are coming from Front end development / UX/UI design world, for example, I prepared a few OOP resources to help you with that!

The Object Oriented Programming courses will not be in Swift, but in Java. In general, I think this does not really matter, because there are the same concepts that are applying. And anyhow, you should get used with time, to apply those principles in any programming language!

Please note that of course there are many more resources and websites out there from where you can learn but these have been the resources I used after making my own research and they have helped me become an iOS Developer.

In my case, I have also studied Computer Science at the University, so that helped and made it easier for me to go into Swift. Nevertheless, here you can find a very good list of Object Oriented courses in case you need it, so let’s check them:

Object Oriented Programming courses ~ 5h course ~ 3h course

I think these 2 courses are a very good start for those who really need to learn the OOP fundamentals. But actually even if you do know these things already, in these 2 courses they are explained really good, very understandable, so it’s good to go through the theoretical part again from time to time, cause maybe something that didn’t make sense in the past, it will click now ;)! ~ 5 months course ~ 3 months course

These are pretty long courses! I think it would really be a fit for you, if you are not a Computer Science graduate, but self-taught developer. It really goes through ALL OOP things you need to know, problem solving, algorithms, data structures and performance. So it becomes advanced as well at the end. You will also get the chance to do a few projects + get a certificate! So that would be really nice to have! I think this is an alternative for the paid bootcamps as well. I know a lot of people pay a lot of money for those. Personally I would never pay that much, since anyhow these days you have a lot of free resources to learn from.

Best Swift Resources

Amazing resources for Swift! The most well trusted, up to date and complete set of articles, videos and also books! Most of them are free, but they also have a paid version if you want access to more in depth courses. These can be your reliable resources also later on, when you will want to hear about more advanced topics. They really cover up everything possible with their content, so I highly recommend them!

iOS 13 & Swift 5 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

This course is on Udemy, created by Dr. Angela Yu.

It is a paid course, but it’s really worth doing it! It’s the complete course and really covers everything you need to know as a beginner iOS developer. Another nice thing is that it’s really up to date, covering even subjects like SwiftUI, so you can see the differences, AR kit examples, ML, using Frameworks and many more. Sure, those last advanced subjects can be skipped as well, you don’t need to know it all from the beginning. But if you want them, they are available in a structured manner! It is quite a long course indeed that will take you around 2 months. But you will really get an idea about what is iOS Development exactly, and Angela explains the things really good!

Another nice thing is that she even gives you insights on how you design your app and market it later on, once it is in the app store! That’s very helpful as well!

Let’s Build That App:

Sean Allen:

If YouTube is your place, you should take a look at ‘Let’s Build That App’ and the ‘Sean Allen’ channels. They are very skilled and they are explaining really good, providing you real project examples as well!

‘The Swift Programming Language’ book:

These resources are the most trusted and well written at this moment! They definitely had an impact on me why learning iOS development, and for sure will help you a lot as well! The ‘The Swift Programming Language’ book especially is a must to read, it has been written by Apple, so that will be your official resource.

Another thing you should be looking into when developing iOS apps, are the design guidelines and native elements. You should always check what is possible to be done in iOS and what is not. Or what would be the native way of doing it. You can find more information here:

And.. as a last tip for you: go to meetups! Find iOS communities to join! This is always very helpful, and it can lead to a lot of good things for you like find a new job, finding a mentor, making new friends that are on the same journey as you so you could maybe learn / help each other.

Enjoy the learning days!  😊🙌

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