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Swift and iOS conferences in 2020

WWDC and friends

June, San Jose, California, USA

Of course, first things first! WWDC, the dream of every iOS Developer. Discover the new technologies, attending their fully packed program — including Keynote and sessions — to gain early access to the future of Apple platforms and engage with Apple engineers.

If you aren’t one of the lucky 5000 to get a ticket, you can also attend one of the fringe events. Although they haven’t announced yet, it’s almost sure that we’ll see AltConf ,  try! Swift and Layers return for another year. Tickets are: $1,599.

Swift Island

August, Texel, The Netherlands

This is located on the island of Texel, one of the five Frisian Islands, located in the Wadden Sea. The Swift Island conference is an all-inclusive experimental conference happening after Apple’s WWDC 2020.

The tickets are starting with €799 and there will be 8 Mentors attending.

Hacking with Swift Live!

July 13th-14th, UK

If you like Hacking with Swift, you’ll love Hacking with Swift Live! This is an in-person iOS event covering everything new from WWDC20 plus a variety of core skills and techniques, all packed into two days of learning as they mention on their website.

The first day Paul is inviting some of his favorite speakers around the world to come and discuss with you about their new ideas and techniques.

Day two is hands-on: we’ll be working through all-new projects teaching you everything you need  regards to WWDC20 and Swift 5.2


August, Cologne, Germany

SwiftConf is a small conference but still very interesting. The speakers attending are from companies like Spotify, Zalando and Worldline. There are also a few workshops organized by them.

The best part with smaller conferences is that you can actually make a few new friends there. So you can join the SwiftConf community for two days of sessions, networking and collaboration. The main focus is gonna be on Swift, iOS, macOS, Objective-C, development, creativity and social topics.


September 6th-9th, Aberystwyth, Wales

There have been chosen 29 speakers for this year’s iOSDevUK. There will be subjects like: robots, watchOS apps, SwiftUI, SceneKit, securing your iOS apps, advanced animations and many more. Tickets are around: £220.

try! Swift New York

September, New York, USA

New York, New York! A very nice conference with speakers from Uber, Advocate, Worldline and Klika. There will be topics such as Open-Source Swift, Server-Side Swift and Swift on Android, as well as using Swift for iOS, watchOS, and tvOS development, and anything new Apple has announced at their annual WWDC conference. Tickets are around: $700.

Do iOS

November, Netherlands

This is a conference produced by: CocoaHeadsNL. There are still a lot of details that need to be announced, but there will be a few interesting talks with speakers from SwiftWeekly, ABM Amro, ParkMobile and Smartify.

Swift Heroes

November, Italy

Still a relative newcomer onto the iOS scene, Swift Heroes brings topics such as RxSwift, SwiftUI, Reusable libraries, Keypaths, design, testing and Combine. Stay up to date as they announced that they will expand in other countries as well soon!

Swift Alps

November, Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Amazing conference in the Alps! And being a small conference, it’s also very easy to make new friends! Each day you can attend three of the four workshops that are on offer, and each time you get hands-on coding time where you work alongside a different person.

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